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A. A. Tonkikh, N. D. Zakharov, A. V. Novikov, K. E. Kudryavtsev, V. G. Talalaev, B. Fuhrmann, H. S. Leipner, P. Werner
Sb mediated formation of Ge/Si quantum dots: Growth and properties.
Thin Sol. Films (2011),

The phenomenon of surfactant (Sb) mediated formation of Ge/Si(100) islands (quantum dots) by means of molecular beam epitaxy is discussed. The limited diffusivity of Si and Ge adatoms caused by the Sb layer leads to a reduction of the size of Ge islands, the increase in the island density, and the sharpening of the interfaces of Ge islands. Thereby, a thin Sb layer is considered to be a powerful tool that provides more freedom in designing Ge quantum dot features. Ge quantum dots, grown via a thin Sb layer and embedded coherently in a Si p?n junction, are revealed to be the origin of the intense photo- and electroluminescence in the spectral range of about 1.5 ?m at room temperature.

Keywords: diffusion; growth; luminescence; photoluminescence; quantum dots; silicon
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